Wild Picha Gallery

We like to take pictures that tell a story, to trigger the imagination of our audience, to make your mind wander. What happened in that scene, what might happen next? Our pictures tell the news of our travels and the stories of endless landscapes, animals in their environment, magic light and surprising details.

In the galleries below you will find pictures taken in Africa over the last ten years. Pictures taken in the Arctic and in The Netherlands can be found in our Stories section.

Standing Out

This gallery tells the stories of animals standing out. Either in a beautiful setting, or because they are simply magnificent representatives of their species.

Magic Light

It is all about the light. Capturing a scene that turns magic because of the light, is the essence of photography. It makes you feel humble to witness that story.

Family Ties

Being part of a family is essential for survival in the animal kingdom. Stories of bonding, caring, rivalry and what it means to be part of a family.

From the Sky

From way up high the world is a different place. Patterns, colors and distant actors tell us different stories than we normally witness on the ground.

The Hunters

Eat and be eaten. The story of life. This gallery shows pictures of the predators that are at the top of the food chain most of the time.

Up Close

Sometimes we overlook the details in the world around us. Often closeups reveal surprising details that tell an intimate story.

Endless Spaces

This gallery tells the stories of the wilderness. Endless skies and vast open landscapes inhabited by wild animals. 

Night Live

The moon and the stars fill the sky. The bush never sleeps. Predators patrol their territory and use the cover of darkness to hunt.