Wildlife Photography by Willem & Tanja Dekker

We take pictures that tell a story. When we were students we traveled around the world and took snapshots to tell friends and family back home about the places we had visited. Since then we have met great photographers and guides on our travels, who inspired us and taught us a lot about wildlife photography. Nowadays our pictures show our adventurous travels and tell the stories of endless landscapes, animals in their environment, magic light and surprising details of nature. As an illustrator Tanja used our pictures for her children’s books and took the story telling one step further.

We use the name Wild Picha to brand our pictures. “Picha” meaning “picture” in the Swahili language. We realize how privileged we are to be able to travel the world and hope that by sharing our pictures with a broader audience, through our websites, exhibitions, books and social media, that we can contribute to the protection of the places we were fortunate enough to visit over the years.

We grew up in the Netherlands, lived in Hamburg for 15 years and have recently moved back to Holland, together with our dog Duvel, who has sadly passed away in the summer of 2022. 

Have a look in the Gallery for a selection of our Wildlife Photography. Some of our pictures are available as prints. If you are interested have a look in the contact section. Under Stories you will find more about our travels and the making of our pictures. More about Tanja’s illustrations and publishings on the twikga site.